Sometimes, the first step to start therapy can be a quite a hurdle. Practical issues like lack of time, no means of transportation, or being too far away from a nearby psychologist could all influence taking the first step. In the meantime, all the things that have been bothering you keep on piling up and finding a solution will become harder and harder as time passes by.


With online therapy, you can go to therapy wherever, and whenever, you want from the place you feel most comfortable, leaving you not having to worry about all the practical issues that make it hard for you to take the step. Because you are somewhere that is familiar to you, this form of counseling has proved to be less stressful and it has helped people to be more relaxed and more at ease during the sessions.


Online counseling can be planned throughout the whole day, whether it be in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening; Whenever it would suit you most and where you feel most comfortable.