The amount of sessions needed is completely subjective; some people with light depressive symptoms might feel better after 6 sessions whereas other people with the exact same symptoms may need at least 10 sessions to notice any change. Among other things that influence the duration of the sessions is the problem people come into therapy with, their current situation, and the engagement of the client.


You can always change or cancel an appointment without any additional fees if it is done at least 24 hours before it starts.

If the appointment is not cancelled or changed at least 24 hours before it starts, the full session will be charged. 

Individual Therapy


Each individual session is 60 minutes long.



Relationship Therapy


If 2 people want to partake, the sessions are 90 minutes long.


Currently there is no waiting list.

Costs for Individual Sessions


The sessions for individual sessions are € 60,00 per session.



Costs for Relationship Therapy


If 2 people want to partake in relationship therapy, the costs will be € 80,00 per session.


If more than 2 people would like to partake, the costs for relationship therapy are given upon request.



Payment Procedure


Bills ought to be paid within 48 hours after the bill has been received.



I do not work with insurance companies; the bills will be send to you directly.


To be sure whether sessions will be (partially) covered or not, it is important to contact your insurance company to understand exact coverage and other terms of your policy.

Because a good client - therapist relationship is essential to the therapeutic process, I request that you speak to me first so we can try to come to a good solution.


If you somehow feel that this is not possible you can always contact the dispute committee.


You can read the privacy terms here.