About Me


My name is José Vennix and I am a certified psychotherapist. I mostly work in my own online practice, but I also work in a specialized mental health facility in Den-Haag. I treat people with various complaints, such as traumas, depression, and phobias for example.


You can always contact me for a free consultation conversation. You can get in touch with me by calling to +31 628465789 or by emailing to info@josevennix.nl.


Online Therapy


With online therapy, you can go to therapy wherever, and whenever, you want from the place you feel most comfortable, leaving you not having to worry about all the practical issues that make it hard for you to take the step. This form of counseling has proved to be less stressful and it has helped people to be more relaxed and more at ease during sessions.




Every client experiences therapy differently due to personality or because of the issue that brings someone into therapy. During our time together, we will therefore design a therapy approach that will specificially fit your personal needs and goals.







José put me at ease straight away, which made it easier for me to talk about hard things in my past. Thanks to the sessions with José, I became more insightful, and I became more aware about my thought patterns and emotions. This insight has helped me to positively change things in my life, leading me to feel positive about the future once again.





Face-to-face client

I totally recommend José, if only because of the calmth and honesty she provided during the sessions. I only did online therapy with her because I live abroad, and online therapy did make me a bit anxious in the beginning. However, I soon really liked online therapy because I could do the sessions from my own home in my native language without having to leave my house.





Online client

The sessions gave me a lot of awareness about myself. They helped me to trust myself again and to speak up for myself when neccesary. I will definitely schedule a session with José now and then to make sure that I will not relapse again when things get tough. One of the things I really liked as well is that José is very flexible with her time which made it easier for me to combine the sessions with my work and private life.




Face-to-face client